#snowember16 – part VI

This article is part of the series “2016-11: #snowember16”.

1. A tiny ski tour

As yesterday I took the car to the hill Bureberget, this time with skis and snowshoes. I had thought that the biggest challenge would be to park the car – not easy if there are only snow walls on the left and the right off the road, but I was lucky, a side road was cleared and I could park the car there in front of an old, wooden house buried in the snow.

I decided for the skis, changed shoes, put on gaiters, strapped the backpack on and put on my skis. After following the main road to Burvik a bit I bent left into the road to the top of Bureberget. The snow has settled a bit and was less high than yesterday. Soon I found a nice way downhills – my first “ski-run” this season, perhaps 20 seconds long. Of course I had to climb up again. That was partly not so easy between trees, rocks and quite soft snow where I sank down to my knees quite often even with the skis on. I found a steep but nice passage up that led me to some kind of bridge or ladder crossing a small ravine. This part I took without my skis …

After I had succeeded the “winter climbing challenge” I stood on a huge rock, almost up on the level of the top again. I took a detour to the forest and was soon back again.

This ski tour was quite short. One of the reasons was, that I didn’t find nice motive for photos today. It was very windy and all treetops were bare of snow. Many pine needles and pieces of bark lay on the snow which made the snow looking old and dirty, even if it was just one day old.

But anyway, it’s always great to be out and so it was today! And even better, when the sun comes out.

2. The coast of Storgrundet

When I was back in Skelleftehamn I didn’t drive home directly but to the coast of Storgrundet. I was curious how much ice would cover the part of the Baltic Sea between island and mainland. There’re still patches of open water, but most of the water is covered with ice. I guess that I have to look for other starting points, when I want to paddle kayak in the weekend.

It was only some degrees below zero but the strong winds made me shiver and I was very glad to had a warm down jacket with me and put the hood on tight. Brrr, autumn is definitely over.


4 comments to “#snowember16 – part VI”

  1. Annika 2016-11-08 21:11

    Das Haus sieht aus wie ein schwedisches Eisenbahnspielzeughaus :-)

  2. way-up-north 2016-11-08 21:12

    Liegt vielleicht auch an der Perspektive. Ich stehe wieder einmal auf einem Schneehaufen.

  3. Ricarda 2016-11-09 18:40

    Traumhaft !! Wir haben zwar auch etwas Schnee abbekommen……aber bei weitem nicht so viel. Bei Dir sieht`s schon sehr nach Winterwonderland aus.
    Gruss, Ricarda

  4. way-up-north 2016-11-09 19:10

    Hej Ricarda, so früh wie dieses Jahr habe ich das hier auch noch nicht erlebt.
    Grüße, Olaf

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