A bit of cold

Tomorrow I want to canoe. So I checked the potential starting points today. Where could I set in my kayak?


That’s where Skelleftehamn’s pilot station is. As expected the Baltic Sea is completely open. Here it would be possible to start the tour, but I had to go 2.5 km.


The nearest place, only 600 metres away, but this small bay has been already ice-covered for some days.


We’ll, this should rather be frozen over, too, but to my surprise there was a broad band of open water left. I guess that the water level, that changed several times the last days prevented parts of the water surface to freeze over. The distance to Storgrundet is 1.6 km and I think I’ll try out this place tomorrow.

Anyway I’m not completely sure, if there will be open water tomorrow in the morning, too. Today has been the first day, where the temperature dropped below -10 °C and maybe there will be ice on today’s open water tomorrow. Either a bit that cracks when you traverse it by kayak or a bit more making it impossible to squeeze through.

Seasons are a bit in between. The open sea is completely free of ice beside of some sheltered bays having a thin, but solid ice cover. When such an ice cover breaks in the waves, pancake ice is formed. Pancake ice are ice floes that move, twist and turn, scrubbing each other until they are round, like pancakes. I found some of them when I drove to the peninsula Rönnskär to have a look at the sundown. They floated in the sheltered boat harbour near the shore.

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  1. Ma HB 2016-11-12 16:45

    Dear Olaf, I am looking to your next blog. Was it possible to set your kayak in the water? Yours Ma

  2. way-up-north 2016-11-12 23:46

    Dear Ma HB. Yes it was possible but far away from being easy.

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