Spring birds

What a late spring we got this year. Still the seasons feels quite wintry and many of the fields and meadows are still covered with snow, only partly and slowly being defrosted by the spring sun.

The migrant birds however had started to fly northwards already – first the Whooper swans and geese, then the Common cranes.

I caught another bird by chance in mid-air and asked for help on Facebook not knowing what kind of bird it was.

This flying fellow is a Smew and according to the comments on Facebook I got it seems to be quite rare here. A photographical chance hit.

Since I was already quite near Bjuröklubb on my “bird hunt” I took the last 12 kilometres to the parking place at this peninsula. Parts of the northern bay Gärdviken was still covered with ice – apparently thick enough to bare the two ice fishers who sat or lay upon it. But round the eastern part that is more exposed to the sea the water was open, only some ice floes that stranded at the shallow shore indicated that summer is still some months away.


Whooper swanSingschwanSångsvanCygnus cygnus
Common craneKranichTranaGrus grus
SmewZwergsägerSalskrakeMergellus albellus

2 comments to “Spring birds”

  1. Ma HB 2017-04-27 17:38

    Dear Olaf, a smew, named in german “Zwergsäger” ? Are there Zwerge zum zersägen?.
    That is a beautiful photo : The wonderful bird in the blue sky. Yours Ma

  2. way-up-north 2017-04-27 18:51

    I admit, it’s a funny name. Same as “Zitronenfalter” (common brimstone) which means literally “lemon folder”.

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