Late spring snow

When I came back from Germany on Sunday it snowed. On Monday and Tuesday some snow fell, too. And so it did today. In the morning a snow shower arrived that was so severe, that everything was white again after a short time. It was quite unbelievable that we have the 10th of May!

Anyway just like the last days today’s snow melted away quite soon and two hours later it was gone. Hardly believable that this short winter-intermezzo had taken place today.

But the conditions here are nothing compared to other places:

  • In Katterjåkk in the Swedish mountains there’s still 183 cm of snow.
  • On the mountain Mannen (1294 m) in Rauma, Norway it’s almost twice as much: 359 cm!
  • The German mountain Zugspitze (m) tops it with 410 cm today!
  • Oh yes – I almost forget – Fonna near Jondal in Norway is a sure bet for snow. 500 cm at 1200m, 800 cm at 1450 m!

So, compared to other places we already have Spring in Skelleftehamn despite of the snow showers and the low temperatures. Let’s see how it will be in six weeks. That’s midsummer!

2 comments to “Late spring snow”

  1. Christiane 2017-05-11 08:06

    not at all evenly distributed… sigh…

  2. way-up-north 2017-05-11 08:07

    You don’t have to be disappointed, Christiane, it was just a matter of hours.

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