Autumn northern light above Skelleftehamn

I have stopped counting how many northern lights I have missed in Skelleftehamn the last four weeks. The sky was covered with a thick layer of clouds most of the days (and nights). I only could see some week greenish coloration lingering through a break in the clouds for some minutes two weeks ago. The rest of the day I watched all the fantastic aurora photos made in Norway and other places, while it stayed cloudy here.

This week the weather started to be much nicer. The air however was cold and moist in the night making the nights quite foggy. While the aurora was visible in town last night, it was foggy again here. But this night I was lucky. Even though it’s colder (+ 3 °C just now) outside, the sky remained clear. When I saw the first green shade I immediately took the car (it’s faster) and drove to the near lake Snesviken where I could watch the first polar lights in Skelleftehamn this season.

The red colour in the left is no northern light, it’s the lights of the town Skellefteå, probably caused by the still moist air.

3 comments to “Autumn northern light above Skelleftehamn”

  1. Ma H B 2017-09-29 18:09

    Dear Olaf, colours green and red and a reflection of trees ! I think, that are special photos. I can appreciate, that you were happy.
    Yours Ma

  2. Christiane 2017-09-29 20:45


  3. way-up-north 2017-09-30 10:30

    The first polar lights at home are always special. Anyway winter hasn’t even started yet and hopefully there will be much more aurora the next months.

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