∞ Infinite rain ∞

Ok, guys, let’s face it: It always has been raining, it’s raining right now and it will never stop raining again until the end of the world!

Never ever I have expected such a rainy autumn! Since I’ve been back from the hiking tour on the Kungsleden it rained most of the days and in the spare moments without precipitation it was cloudy anyway.

Sometimes it was windstill, sometimes it was stormy, but it rained. Either as a steady rain or more like a curtain of a dense fog or sometimes as a series of cloudbursts. So my daily outfit has been almost the same for weeks: A sturdy rain parka and rubber boots.

Of course the sun came out little here and there but mostly just for a short time. I can count the days with much sun with the fingers of one hand. And I don’t need all fingers!

Today I looked at one of the many puddles of water. It was some centimetres deep. Some yellow leaves – probably victims of last night’s squalls – floated have under the water surface, which was rippled by the ongoing rain. And then I saw it:

The Sign Of Infinity!

I looked at the sign and all at once I got the dreadful message: It always has been raining, it’s raining right now and it will never stop raining again until the end of the world!

Addendum (11 October)

If I understand the weather statistics of the school Balderskolan in Skellefteå correctly, we got 63mm of rain yesterday. That’s more rain than the average precipitation  in Skellefteå all October! No wonder, that some of the puddles in Bonnstan were more than 15 cm deep. Since these puddles were covered with yellow birch leaves it looked really beautiful. What a pity, that I only had my iPhone to shoot this image:


3 comments to “∞ Infinite rain ∞”

  1. Martin 2017-10-11 07:32

    Yeah, same here in Germany.
    We didn’t had the heavy storms from northern Germany, but rain and fog all the time!
    Let’s hope for that it’s getting better.

  2. Ulrich 2017-10-27 13:03

    Also das Foto mit dem Hochwasser gefällt mir. Die ganzen Blätter, die auf der Wasseroberfläche schwimmen, erinnern mich an einen Seerosenteich, aber nicht mit grünen, sondern mit gelben Blättern.

  3. way-up-north 2017-11-03 22:54

    Ulrich. Ich ärgere mich immer noch, dass ich nicht meine Nikon und Stativ dabei hatte. Aber besser ein iPhone-Photo als überhaupt nichts.

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