Kayakvideo – my thing – winter kayaking in Skellefteå

Last summer I was asked by filmmaker Johan Granstrand if I would be interested in making a small film about my winter paddling. I felt honoured to be asked and gladly accepted.

Despite to this year we got a lot of snow already in the beginning of November last year. Since weather was nice (and cold) we decided to make the film on November 12, exactly one year ago.

I already blogged about this day in my post “Kayak – is it a boat or a sledge?”. Some weeks ago I got the permission to share the link to the video and that’s what I do today.

“Min Grej – Kayaking i Skellefteå på vintern” on Vimeo.

(I really like this film but I don’t like listening to me talking. My Swedish sounds awfully!)

2 comments to “Kayakvideo – my thing – winter kayaking in Skellefteå”

  1. Ma H B 2017-11-16 17:59

    Dear Olaf, google said min grej, das ist mein Ding! Yes, it is your Ding!
    I think, that is a very nice film, I saw it twice. Terrible, when you suddenly was slipping in the cold water. Is it possible, to swim, when the water is more deep, with your red suit ?
    Yours Ma

  2. way-up-north 2017-11-16 20:46

    Dear Ma H B,

    the red suit is a survival suit. It’s completely waterproof, its isolation is very good and it floats on water. That’s why I use this suit for winter paddling of that type.

    Yours, Olaf

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