Winter solstice 2017

It’s winter solstice today which means that it’s the shortest day of the year, at least in the northern hemisphere. Here in Skelleftehamn it was only 3 hours 44 minutes between sunrise and sunrise today and the sun rose hardly above the horizon. From now on the days will grow longer which feels a bit like winter’s ending. But far from it – it’s fortunately the astronomical beginning of winter today, not the end!

Hopefully the rain that we occasionally got the last weeks (e.g. yesterday) will come to an end and more snow will fall. Much more snow! I also hope that it will get colder to make the Baltic Sea freezing over so that I’m able to walk or ski to the islands. But this will probably take some more weeks.

This photo by the way is taken at 10:35, 58 minutes before the sun reached its highest point.

5 comments to “Winter solstice 2017”

  1. Andreas 2017-12-22 10:49

    A photo of truly magic beauty! (And a keen eye for detail.)

  2. Janah K. 2017-12-22 13:48

    Hallo Olaf ! Wieder so ein schönes Foto !
    Ich wünsche Dir jetzt schon mal ein schönes Weihnachtsfest ! Dieser Link führt Dich zu einem Weihnachtslied mit einem schönen Video (es gibt auch einen Klavierspieler)
    Alles Gute ! Janah Kramer

  3. way-up-north 2017-12-23 08:29

    Andreas thank you. I have however to admit that this photo is kind of planned as well, since the pane of ice was put up by me to cover the bright sun.

    Janah K. Danke. Ich wünsche Dir auch eine schöne Weihnachtszeit!

  4. Christiane 2017-12-23 14:53

    What a beautiful photo! Merry Christmas to you and thanks a lot for all these wonderful photos during the year.

  5. way-up-north 2017-12-24 12:55

    Merry Christmas, Christiane.

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