Two days ago Annika and I made a trip to Mårdseleforsen (Mårdsele rapids). It’s a two hour trip by car from Skelleftehamn and it’s absolutely worth it.

At Mårdsele the river Vindelälven branches into several parts. Several chain bridges allow to cross them.

Behind the second chain bridge there is a planked footpath that leads to a third bridge, this time a wooden one. Here starts a short circular track through the Nature Reserve of Mårdseleforsen round many inviting looking freshwater pools. Many other families were there too,  taking a walk, bathing or sunbathing on the flat rocks. Unfortunately we had left our bathing things in the car.

After the short walkabout we returned to the parking place. Actually, we wanted to eat something but the restaurant Wild River was fully booked. Fortunately we could buy some burgers that we consumed sitting outside in the sun.

After the lunch we were so eager for a bath, that we got the bathing things out of the car and returned to the freshwater pools. Chain bridge one – across the island again – chain bridge two – to the left – along the planked footpath – to the right – over the long wooden bridge and again we reached the river islands. There were some people left when we arrived but after a while we were completely alone. The weather was perfect: Some sun, some clouds, warm but not too hot.

Soon we found a nice place to stay and took the first swimming tour. Right into a rocky pool, swimming into the current of a small stream that transported us under the bridge where the current broadened and the current weakened. Almost like using a water slide! It was not easy to come ashore again because the algae made the flat rocks very slippery. But with mutual help we finally managed it.

You realise that strange mask I was wearing? It’s a snorkel-google combination, perhaps more a toy than professional diving equipment but it works extremely well and is much more comfortable to wear than the usual snorkel. In addition to that it works quite well with my underwater camera. I snorkelled several times and observed the underwater life: Water insects, freshwater snails, small fishes and river mussels lived in them.

The “making of” (Photos: Annika Kramer):

Even after more than eight years living here I’m still amazed that there are so many incredibly beautiful and interesting places to discover and explore that I’ve never been to before. Mårdseleforsen is one of them.






6 comments to “Mårdseleforsen”

  1. Ingela 2018-07-28 22:37

    Jo, Mårdseleforsarna är verkligen sevärda. Åk dit nån gång när det är snösmältning och vårflod! Då forsar det rejält.

  2. way-up-north 2018-07-28 22:48

    Ingela Jag tänkte också att det måste vara häftigt i vårvintern.

  3. Ingela 2018-07-28 23:31

    Mest vatten i Vindelälven brukar det vara när det är snösmältning i fjällen. Ganska sent på våren alltså.

  4. Ulrich 2018-07-29 00:38

    Bei dem Foto, wo du und Annika zu sehen seid, kommt mir so ein Gedanke. Seid ihr zwei eigentlich ein Paar?

  5. way-up-north 2018-07-29 08:36

    Ingela: Det skall jag kolla nästa året.

    Ulrich: Gegenfrage in meiner Rolle als Admin: Ist das eigentlich Deine richtige E-Mailadresse ;-)

  6. Annika 2018-07-29 23:43

    Ingela, der var faktiskt min första tanke: visst måste vi komma hit under vintern! Eller ännu bättre: vid snösmältning! I alla fall: visst måste vi komma tillbaka. Det är verkligen ett supervackert ställe!

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