What a difference four days make …

That’s how my house had looked like on Wednesday, just before I took the car to the airport.

That’s how my house looked like tonight – just four and a half days later – just after I had arrived from the airport.

When I left Skelleftehamn the temperatures were round 0 °C. When I arrived at Skellefteå airport this evening, the temperatures had dropped to -12 °C and my car was covered with 8 cm of snow. The snow was partly frozen and it took me half an hour before I could drive home. Home in Skelleftehamn it was slightly warmer (-8 °C) yet 10 cm of snow covered my backyard, too.

What a nice welcome home after I have been in a town, both beautiful and stressful (at least for my feelings) for some days: Paris!

Side note: Never ever did I see so many warm jackets as on the huge flea markets in the north. Mostly counterfeit products of The North Face, Canada Goose and others. Since I neither believe in a French ice age coming soon nor in million of French people wanting to visit “La Laponie” (French for Lapland) I guess that the Parisians just have another sense for temperature (and fashion, too).

3 comments to “What a difference four days make …”

  1. Johanna 2018-10-29 21:47

    schöner Sternenhimmel :-)

  2. Manuel 2018-11-01 22:26

    Ha, doch Fotos aus Paris mitgebracht.
    Oh, der arme Rasenmäher. Sieht ein bisschen so aus, als hätte er es noch bis zum Schuppen geschafft – doch dann war abgeschlossen.

  3. way-up-north 2018-11-02 06:14

    Ach ja, der Rasenmäher. Den habe ich schon mit dem Hauskauf übernommen und da war er schon recht durch. Hat aber noch sieben, acht Jahre gearbeitet, ehe er seinen Geist aufgegeben hat.

    Die Tage fahre ich zur „Återvinningen“, oder zum Wertstoffhof und gebe ihn dort ab. Auch mit dabei: mein Apple-Laserdrucker aus den frühen 90er-Jahren.

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