Jogging through Skelleftehamn

During the ski tour last winter I realised that I have neither strength nor condition. The ski tour was quite exhausting. During the summer I did nothing to change this fact.

Two weeks ago however I started something new: I went jogging. Me! Voluntary! The first 500 meters I felt like an elephant on a unicycle but then I started to enjoy the jogging. Not because I love training but because I love being outdoors.

My chosen trail is a nice circular route through the forest. Ten days ago (my 2nd jogging) however I had to change the route for good reasons:

I definitely do not want to jog through the forest during an ongoing moose hunt. So I returned and jogged the same distance twice.

Today (my 3rd jogging) I could go round again. Weather and terrain conditions however were a bit different:

I made a small detour to the lake Snesviken. It surprised me to see it completely covered with ice. (Sorry for the mediocre photo, just an iPhone snapshot.)

I think it’s funny to jog through the snow. It’s even snowing right now. Unfortunately it will get warmer tonight and tomorrow. The snow will turn into rain and melt the snow. I guess it will be slippery as hell the next days. Time to buy some jogging shoes with spikes.

2 comments to “Jogging through Skelleftehamn”

  1. Johanna 2018-10-30 21:17

    Hej Olaf,
    das Du das joggen für Dich entdeckt hast finde ich toll ! Neben der Kondition möchtest Du an Kraft zulegen ? Ich empfehle Hanteln mitzunehmen.Ich laufe mit 5 Kilo(2,5 pro Hand,bin ja ein Mädchen :-D ) DAS macht Spaß und nach der Strecke fühlt man sich Groß u Stark :-)
    Viel Spaß weiterhin

  2. way-up-north 2018-10-31 19:28

    Hej Johanna.

    Danke für die Tipps. Ich glaube, das Joggen mache ich erst einmal so und werde ins gym, also die Muckibude gehen, um überhaupt erst einmal reinzukommen. Dann mal weitersehen.

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