White nights

Since the summer solstice on 21 June the nights are slowly getting longer again. Last night sunset was 23:21 and today’s sunrise 01:56. At this time I usually sleep.

I was extremely lazy photographing the last weeks, so I decided to ignore my tiredness and drive to the coast. This time I chose a new place I’ve never been before. I left my car at the side of the small gravel road that I had followed for some kilometres. I took my camera bag with the tripod and crossed the hilly forest until I reached the coast.

While photographing I decided to publish at least two photos in this blog, whether I like them or not. I have to admit that I’m not so content with the result, but anyway, here are two shots of last night. Both pictures are taken in the last minutes before sunset, the first 22:59, the second 23:12.


3 comments to “White nights”

  1. Johanna 2019-06-30 12:08

    Hej Olaf ,
    schön , dass Du trotz Deiner Müdigkeit rausgefahren bist . Ich finde die Fotos gut :-)

  2. way-up-north 2019-07-01 17:28

    Danke, Johanna!

  3. Margrit Schneider 2019-07-01 19:45

    Lieber Olaf, the first photo I find it very special. You know, I like abstract photos and I am not try to find an object.But this photo shows both. I donˋt know, itˋs curious.
    May be, you are thinking the same?
    Yours Ma

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