Day 15–18 – Meanwhile in Sparsör …

This article is part of the series “2019-07: Southern Sweden”.

22–25 July – Sparsör, Öresjö and Borås

It’s already Friday, Annika and I have been in Sparsör near Borås since Sunday afternoon and I have been extraordinary lazy. Today it’s going to be the hottest day yet with temperatures round 30 °C or above, so my laziness will definitely continue and the most exhausting action will be going to the bath place nearby.

23 July – hiking round the Öresjö

The weather is still cloudy and not so warm. Perfect hiking weather. When we have to climb the hill Örekullen we sweet anyway. The way is steep. We meet sheep in a forest by the lake and a sow with her two piglets. When we are at the south tip, we have some lunch and take a bath in the bay of Almenäs.

Later this day we drive to the city Borås and eat extremely delicious tapas and dessert in the fantastic restaurant La Copita.

25 July – a very warm day

-40 ° C I seek, +40 °C i flee. Luckily it’s not as hot as in Germany¹, but even temperatures round 30 °C are too warm for me to feel comfortable. Fortunately there are many bathing places around, one of them in walking distance. I am bathing and snorkelling. I see schools of fish and hundreds of river mussels underwater, but also a half meter long pike. Anyway the pike is much too fast to be photographed.

Later the evening we drive to Borås another time. A vivid town, especially when there’s a live concert on the town square and a dance band (far away from playing live …) playing in the city park. The air is cooler, but still round 25 °C and even the statues seem to seek refreshment in the water of the river Viskan.

¹ 42.6 °C were measured in Lingen yesterday, the hottest temperature in Germany ever measured. Even though a single hot day is no proof for the ongoing climate shift it is one of the many, many signs.

3 comments to “Day 15–18 – Meanwhile in Sparsör …”

  1. Sybille 2019-07-26 21:28

    Well, it was not a single day, but a series of at least three very warm days. Depending on what you call warm, of course. But today, yesterday and the day before, more than 40° C were reached.
    I ain’t exactly sure, but I guess we had only like three times a little of rain in something like the last two months. Everything is extremely dry, all plants are almost completely brown.
    The weather forecast predicts rain for tomorrow, vast amounts, and now, as the soil is so dry, the region is in fear of floods.
    Even if there is no proof of a global constant warming, as it is often said, the weather gets more extreme every year!

  2. way-up-north 2019-07-27 09:20

    Sybille: Where did you have those temperatures?

    There are by the way many proofs for global warning and many proofs for that it is man-made. There is much research and discussion however about the impact for the weather to come and about amplifying and weakening effects like the melting permafrost soil or sea ice in the Arctic.

  3. Sybille 2019-07-31 10:47

    In western Germany, I guess everywhere in North Rhine-Westphalia, we had these temperatures. Me especially in Düsseldorf and in the small, but beautiful town “Langenfeld”.

    I personally totally agree with you. There definitely is global warming. But I wanted to address the fact, that many deny these scientific evidence. But it’s hard to deny extreme weather situations…

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