Kayaking to the Obbolstenarna

It’s the last weeks in Obbola in Västerbotten/Sweden before I start working in Tromsø. Annika has started working again on Monday while I’m idle.

2020, what a year! Two ski tours just before Corona – cancelled projects because of Corona – Annika and I buy our beautiful house in Obbola – I get the job at the Norsk Polarinstitutt in Tromsø – I start selling my house in Skelleftehamn – I “park” my Swedish company – Annika and I get engaged – I find a room in a shared flat in Tromsø, hardly 500 m away from the beach – Annika and I marry in our own garden on 21 August ⚭ (yes – we’ve been married for three weeks now!) – we drive to Tromsø to move some of my stuff to the flat.

It was a lot of things to organise the whole year through. Now most organisation is either done or out of my control and I have to lean back and relax a bit. Sometimes so much, that I spend half the day watching more or less silly YouTube videos. A state quite untypical for me.

Today after lunch I was in the danger of becoming a couch potato again, but I managed to stand up, put my drysuit on, stuff the camera into a waterproof bag and go paddling. Destination Obbolstenarna, a group of islands nearby. Obbolstenarna is hardly more than a kilometre away but a headwind of round 10 m/s and rolling waves from the front slowed me down. Normally I love taking photos from the kayak, today I dared it only when I started to get into the lee of the islands where at least the waves were less high.

To my delight the center island has a small and sheltered bay, where it was very easy to moor the kayak.

I left the kayak and started looking around. Small birds fluttered around, summer and autumn flowers were blooming and some of the leaves of the rowans had turned orange and red.

I could constantly hear the waves breaking at the rocks of the southern shore. I went there and was impressed by the force of wind and waves. I looked where the rocks were still dry to safely make some photos of the breaking waves without getting wet. It all went quite well until a huge wave came … *KERSPLASH*!

I managed to turn away to protect the camera at least a bit but I myself would have been completely soaked without my drysuit. This wave came at least five metres further than all others before.

Since the camera lens got wet anyway I looked for saver motives. Rocks, for example or the large anchor partly rusted to pieces.

Then I climbed on some of the small rocky tops to get some wider views. I could see the open Baltic Sea in the south and the Wasaline ferry to Finland docking in Holmsund in the northeast.

After strolling around a bit more I got into my kayak again and paddled home. I didn’t measure time or speed but I guess it took less than half of the time paddling back with the wind behind me and the waves pushing me forward.

The whole tour took less than two hours including the preparations. And – as always – I deeply enjoyed it. Learning today (again): Olaf, be more outdoors!

And you? Where have you been outdoors the last time? What did you do? What did you enjoy the most?

4 comments to “Kayaking to the Obbolstenarna”

  1. Johanna 2020-09-11 23:47

    Es freut mich sehr,dass 2020 bisher für Dich und Deine Frau so erfolgreich und ereignisreich war. Ich hoffe doch, dass es so positiv für euch weiter geht. Demnächst kann ich mich bestimmt über schöne und tolle Fotos aus Norwegen freuen. Und es wird Winter. ……Die besten Fotos kommen also noch! Wobei die letzten auch alle toll sind.
    Viel Glück für die Zukunft / LG

  2. way-up-north 2020-09-12 07:38

    Vielen Dank, Johanna!

  3. Christiane 2020-09-16 09:41

    Congratulations to getting married! And all the best for the future! I am looking forward to winter photos, too :) Outdoors is allways better than indoors, e.g. hiking, biking, “loiping” in the Black Forest or sometimes in the Alps. And please with lots of rocks for me! That is so fascinating about the shore in the north: the most beautiful rocks right besides the sea, I love that!

  4. Margrit Schneider 2020-09-18 11:31

    Dear Olaf, enjoy your time in the open air – soon you have to work inside !I have to paint a long picture for “die längste Galerie” till the beginning of October . But this time, I have no pleasure!
    Therefore I prefer my garden, because the sun is shining so bright.
    I think perhaps it will be raining the next days, and than I have to work –
    Yours Ma

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