Flying to Tromsø

This article is part of the series “2020-10: New in Tromsø”.

7:58 – Umeå airport. I’m one of the first passengers for the flight SK2023 to Stockholm Arlanda at 9:50. Outside it is dim and foggy but I’m waiting outside anyway to avoid using my face mask that will accompany me the whole day today.

9:43 – Umeå airport. I’m going to the airplane. Of course with face mask. Soon our airplane departs and lifts us above the thick layer of fog and then the clouds. Welcome sun! After we landed in Stockholm Arlanda i realise that it’s as foggy there as home. I have something looking forward to: Japanese food. Then I’ll pass the security control once more. As already in Umeå my camera bag is examined for explosives, this time very thoroughly.

Next stop: Oslo-Gardermoen airport.

Why I’m taking this long and environmentally unfriendly trip by plane? Because the passenger trains from Sweden to the Norwegian Narvik have been cancelled for months. From there I could have taken a bus to Tromsø. Hopefully the train will be opened soon again.

13:46 – arrival in Oslo. And guess what, it’s foggy again. The airbus A320 was almost empty. Only 25 passengers instead of 180. I (and the stewards) have the last 7 rows for me alone.

In Tromsø I first have to show my passport and my employment contract, then I have to go to the baggage claim to get my luggage. It has to go through the custom. While doing that I somehow leave the arrival area where I planned to make a corona test. Since the info desk is closed I have to continue without any test. Maybe I’ll manage to get one tomorrow in Tromsø. This could shorten my quarantine of ten days.

The most visible ad at the airport: Norrøna outdoor equipment featuring a downhill skier. That slope would be hundred times too steep for me but I start longing for snow.

Next (and final) stop: Tromsø. The checkin is in ten minutes.

16:30 – Somewhere above the airport Oslo Gardermoen. Our airplane has started. It is hardly half full. The fog has vanished and I have a view to the autumnal surroundings of the airport.

This landscape looks cosy, a bit like Tolkien’s Hobbiton. An hour later the landscape looks completely different.

Soon the plane starts to sink giving me the probably fastest sunset I’ve ever seen. Hardly more than five minutes later we have landed on the airport Tromsø Langnes where I get a lift of K., my roommate in Tromsø.

Tomorrow I’ll have a day off. The next day I’ll start working at the Norwegian Polarinstitute. Unfortunately from home because I’m in travel quarantine. That’s not the easiest start, but that cannot be changed.

5 comments to “Flying to Tromsø”

  1. Annika Kramer 2020-09-29 09:21

    Ha det så bra. Ses snart!

  2. Elisabet 2020-09-29 13:24

    Kör du inte bil??
    Om du hade velat åka tåg skulle du ha frågat mig; jag kan ordna skjuts från/till Riksgränsen och dit kan du köpa biljett (även om det blir buss sista biten från Björkliden). Hör av dig nästa gång, eller om A ska resa till dig.

  3. way-up-north 2020-09-29 15:41

    Nej, Elisabet, jag har sold bilen just igår. Det var företagets bil och det skulle vara hemskt dyrt att ta med den till Norge på lång sikt.

    Tack för din offert att skjutsa mig nästa gång. Annika kunde boka tog till Narvik nu men man vet inte om den blir kanske inställt. Kanske vi återkommer …

  4. Bo Fuhrman 2020-09-30 16:30

    Lycka till, kämpe!
    Från hela Skellefteå (-hamn).

  5. way-up-north 2020-10-01 07:38

    Tack, Bo!

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