Day 9 – Ystad and Österlen

This article is part of the series “2019-07: Southern Sweden”.

16 July – Bjärnum—Ystad—Mälarhusen

After some wonderful relaxing days in Bjärnum Annika and I continue our tour through Southern Sweden. Today we will reach Ystad, our southernmost destination on our journey. From Ystad to Kilpisjärvi in the north it’s almost 2000 km by car.

From Bjärnum to Ystad however it’s less than two hours. Ystad is a beautiful medieval town. We strolled through the streets and alleys and I only took some snapshots because we looked for a place for lunch.

We found a restaurant near the boat harbour where we ate fish and looked at the sea, the small sailing boats and the big ferries. From Ystad you can take the ferry to Bornholm (Denmark) and Świnoujście (Poland).

Next stop: Ales stenar (Ale’s Stones), a megalithic monument east of Ystad. It consists of 59 large boulders formed in a shape of a boat, probably 1400 years old.

Next stop: Sandhammaren. Dunes, a long sandy beach and the clear Baltic Sea invites us to take a bath. Or two. Summer holidays.

We decide to look for an overnight stay. We pass a small wooden sign by car. It says “Stuga for 2” – cabin for two. We are lucky. Although it’s main season the stuga is free and we can stay for a night. It’s in Mälarhusen in the corner of a garden, incredible cozy and the beach is not far away.

We take the car to the next ICA to buy food. After a dinner with pasta and salad we take another promenade along the beach. At the horizon we spot land – the Danish island Bornholm. Finally a reason to fetch the tripod and the huge 150-600mm telephoto lens from the car and make a photo of Bornholm, where I have been more than 40 years ago.

3 comments to “Day 9 – Ystad and Österlen”

  1. Johanna 2019-07-18 23:39

    So hat wohl jeder Ort seinen besonderen Reiz :-) Strand und Sonne , wunderbar!

  2. Margrit Schneider 2019-07-19 17:03

    Dear O + A, Ystad is really the southern part of sweden. And the weather is fine and you can take a bath or several bathes a day. The little house where you live a short time – very, very nice. It would be beautiful, to take it with you!! I wish you a very good time furthermore. Yours Ma

  3. way-up-north 2019-07-24 08:28

    Ja, gerade die Südostküste von Skåne hat es uns doch ziemlich angetan, vor allem bei diesem herrlichen Wetter.

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